Top 20 of 2020

As we close out the year I’m trying to look at the good things that have happened and honestly a lot of those are because of YOU! My wonderful readers have shown up day in and day out and trusted me when I said I loved things or this might help your life.

Today I’m sharing the TOP 20 items purchased by TRM Tribe during this year. It has been fun but a little sad to look back at the items you bought, maybe because I know that several came from COVID. Masks, straps, things to entertain kids and ALL the stretchy clothes. We have needed things that I never thought I would be buying, but then again it reminds me that we have all been in this together.

This year has been more mentally challenging than any time that I can remember but every day you gave me a place to come and be myself. Let me laugh, shop and share. Thank you for being here. Now on to the random stuff we all bought this year!

ONE // Target Stretch Woven Short

This summer I found this Target short randomly when I needed something lightweight and stretchy and OMG we all fell in LOVE! I bought every color and I think you did too. While these are no longer in stock be sure that I will be stalking the website come spring with hopes that they return. True to size, L

TWO // Mask Lanyard w/ Ear-Saver 

This summer as we were trying to figure out if kids really can keep a mask on during school for 8 hours I scoured the internet to find an option for my 3rd grader. I wanted something that would be easy on her ears, not catch her hair and keep it so she wasn’t setting down her mask. This colorful strap was perfect, go figure though that after 5 months of school she barely wears it because mask wearing is just second nature now.

THREE // Soma Wireless Bralette

Let’s just chalk up 2020 to being the year of the wireless bra and joggers (which was surprising that none made it in the top 20). Comfy clothes RULE and these wireless barrettes might have ruined us all of wearing underwire ever again. True to size, L

FOUR // Tory Burch Printed Face Mask

Over the summer I felt like I tried nearly every mask that came out and for breathability, soft fabric, insert for a filter and adjustable ear straps the Tory Burch won every single time. These are so good that they even made Oprah’s Favorite Things List. If you want to check out my mask comparisons see this post.

FIVE // Target Short Sleeve V-Neck 

Talk about a must have staple! This v-neck tee I wear ALL THE TIME it’s the perfect not too clingy, not too sheer under $10 tee that everyone needs to own. I love that it comes in a ton of colors but I wear white the most. Size up if in-between, L

SIX // Women’s Lainee Heeled Scrunch Boots 

These boots are made for walking, well and nearly every outfit I’ve worn this fall! I thought for a long time that I need to spend a lot of money for good shoes but these affordable boots made me wrong. I have two colors and they are cute, comfortable and not too tight in the calf. True to size

SEVEN // Democracy Jeggings

I have been a HUGE fan of Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Jeggings for years but recently I found that their sister brand Democracy is sold on Amazon. Recently they have been on massive sale and we all scooped them up! These run longer than my Wit & Wisdom but for the price so worth some alterations. Size down if in-between, 12

EIGHT // Wicked Big Sports Soccer Ball

This spring we needed SOMETHING new that would keep the kids outdoors and playing so this lightweight soccer ball was perfect! We toss it, kick it and y’all grabbed a TON too!

NINE // Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

When every place was sold out of puzzles we instead turned to games! So many of you recommended Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza and OMG it’s so FUN. My daughter and I play all the time and always end up laughing. It’s an easy game to pick up and makes for a fun time. Check out some of our other favorites in this post from the summer.

TEN // Soma Pajama Sets 

Wear them, gift them, buy more. Well that’s pretty much how I feel about the Soma Cool Nights PJ sets. These top and bottom breathable sets are soft and soo comfy! Size down if in-between, M

ELEVEN // Gibsonlook Fleece Off the Shoulder Top

In early spring we were all looking for clothing that would be cozy, comfy and homebound worthy. This off the shoulder top from Gibson was the perfect fit! Unfortunately this style has since sold out but my love for the Gibsonlook cozy fabric has not changed! Size down if in-between, M

See more of my Gibsonlook favorites on this page.

TWELVE // Joyora Scrunchie Holder Stand

So many of you needed a good teen/ tween present and this clear scrunchie holder makes those hair accessories into a focal point! I’m excited to hear what all your girls think of their new accessory holder.

THIRTEEN // Aerie Summer Desert Sweatshirt

This summer sweatshirt is the perfect throw on lightweight option in spring and summer. The waffle like fabric keeps it breathable and the oversized fit is perfect for lounging. At this point most colors are sold out but another one that I have my eye on come spring. Size down if in-between, M

FOURTEEN // Vanishing Edge Undies

Apparently we all came home and realized we need new bras and undies! My favorites are the Vanishing Edge because they are lightweight and don’t give me any wedgie situations. Check more of my Soma favorites on this page. True to size, L

FIFTEEN // Lark & Ro Matte Jersey Twist Front Dress

As much as people said no one is wearing dresses this year you proved them wrong! This stunning twist front dress is the perfect throw on and look nice but stay comfy option. I love this print but the solid colors are amazing as well. True to size, L

SIXTEEN // Women’s Stretch Woven Skort 

Once we bought all the shorts of course I moved on to a skort! This has the same lightweight stretchy material as the Target shorts but these have a great longer short and big side pockets. True to size, L

SEVENTEEN // Breathable Mesh Flats

I found these stretchy flats early fall and fell in love with the leopard print and comfy fit. True to size

EIGHTEEN // Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray

While I can’t say that I’ve been doing my hair daily when I do I use this blow dry spray to cut down dry time and protect from heat. Check out all my hair steps in this post.

NINETEEN // Women’s Blanket Scarf

This leopard scarf was so popular it sold out quickly this fall but I’m not surprised because it’s soft and cozy and under $20!

TWENTY // Purse Strap Stripe

Another fun Amazon find for $10 has great fall colors and looks great with my Madewell bags. Plus the new blue/ green color is so cute for spring! 

Hope you loved this trip down memory shopping lane. How many of you have these items? Checking out some new ones?

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    SEEYA2020 Thanks for all the great blog posts! Happy New Year!

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      Thank you sally!

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    Summer said:

    Seeya2020! I look forward to your posts! I bought quite a few of these products and absolutely love them!!

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      Summer I’m so happy to hear that!

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    SEEYA2020 Thank you TRM.

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    Barbara Berger said:

    SEEYA2020 Thank you for helping us cope with this challenging year! BTW … my favorites were the Kut from the Kloth jeans and the Colleen Rothschild products!!
    Looking forward to TRM 2021!

    • 12.30.20
      Ryanne Janca said:

      YAY so happy you found some stuff you love this year!

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    SEEYA2020! Thanks for all the great tips, positive attitudes and the humor you bring to us all!

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    Kimberly N Weber said:

    SEEYA2020!! Thank you so much for your light, humor, and gorgeous finds! You are everything we needed in 2020 and all the hope we need for 2021. All the best to you my friend ❤

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