My 2021 Goals

I’ve heard many times that the way to make goals into reality is to write them down and then tell someone. There is something in the magic of sharing that makes you more accountable. In the past my goals have included working with certain brands, having pieces in a collection and hitting income levels.

I hit those goals and after 2020 I feel like I need to balance out my goals to live a healthier and more fulfilling life so I’m writing them down and telling YOU!

Pullover | Joggers | Sneakers | Bag | Planner

Fit Tips: pullover size up for larger chest, L in pelican // Joggers tts, L in navy heather // Sneakers size up 1/2 for socks


I’ll be 100% honest, like a lot of you I start off the New Year with high hopes of fitness and health goals and by the end of January my focus has waned and I’m back to old habits. This year I did a better job mid-year by asking for help and getting a personal trainer that I work with over video calls.

The past two months I have taken a break from that one-on-one workout and my goal for 2021 will be to do one strength training at least once a week. My 2nd fitness goal is around a new addition to the family coming in February… a Peloton bike! I would like to do 100 ride in 2021 and my user name is Ryanne26 so you can call me out if I’m not riding (I might delete this later lol).


My next goals are business related since it’s a big part of my life as I’m sure work is for most of you. I would like to double my email subscribers (if you are not signed up do it here I’m going to have a lot of fun exclusive info and giveaways in those emails). I also have follower count and income goals but those details I’m going to keep in my planner.


Last year obviously brought a ton of unexpected events but what ended up getting lost in the stress of life was my planning ahead. Bulk prepping meals, sitting down with my husband for monthly calendar checks and maintaining quarterly room clean outs are all on my goal list this year.

If you have noticed I’ve taken about a 2 week break to start my year focusing first on these areas. Soon on the blog I’ll have some more focused content on meal ideas and my systems for cleaning out but to get you started check out my 5 steps to a clean closet.


I think as a mom and “A” type personality I leave my happiness at the end of most to-do lists. I get everything else done and this year that has at times costed my sanity. In 2021 I want to put my happiness on the list and make it a priority as well. One thing that brings me joy, forces me to get offline and fills my heart is reading so this year I want to read 1 book a month.

Now I know that I will most likely get a bunch of book suggestions or ask what I’m reading and I will warn you, I like super easy frivolous reads like The Betrothed that I just finished! Check out my Summer Reads to get an idea of some of the ones I’ve read in the past.

I hope that some of my goals have given you ideas on what you want to accomplish in 2021. As my friend Jackie said “You literally have the easiest job in the world, 2021. Don’t gotta be “best year EVER”! Not even top 20! Just be better. Don’t. Screw. This. Up. One job, 2021.”

Professional Images by Audrie Dollins

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