Vegas Girls Trip

If you have been reading the blog for a bit then you know I have been gearing up for this girls trip to Vegas for a few months. First because I love Vegas but because the real trip reason was to celebrate my 40th birthday! My husband is known for not being the best planner so he turned the reins for this milestone birthday to my girlfriends.

We headed out of town early Friday morning and stayed through Monday so we had the full weekend of events planned. The flight from DFW takes about 2 hours so it’s a pretty easy trip. My friend Samantha heads to Vegas about once a year and always stays at The Venetian so that is where we stayed. I have previously stayed at The Cosmopolitan, Monte Carlo and The Signature at MGM Grand so I was excited to try someplace new.

Samantha is also the friend that challenged me to “hand luggage” only so I swear this might be my first time not checking a bag but I did it! I stuffed both as much as possible and the under the seat bag still fit.

Travel Puffer Jacket | Team Cocktail Tee | Amazon Joggers | Stretchy Sneakers | Calpak Under the seat carry-on | Calpak 22″ Spinner

Headed in the Taxi to The Venetian

When we arrived we met up with my friend Kelly coming in from Austin and luckily we were able to check in early to our suite and drop off bags. Here she surprised me with the cutest personalized cups by Visser Creations for all the girls on the trip. #rys40andFABU


After we dropped everything off and got changed since it was a bit warmer than I had expected we headed out on a shopping mission! My husband asked if I wanted a gift from him or to pick something special in Vegas… I picked Vegas!

We headed towards The Bellagio since we wanted to first see the fountains and the botanical gardens. I had not realized how many hotels would be gorgeously decorated for Chinese New Year!

My outfit details: Team Cocktail Tee (size up for looser fit, L) | Wit & Wisdom Jeans (size down, 10P) | Similar Wedge Sneakers (tts) | Pink Jacket (tts, M)

Bellagio Fountains

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens decorated for Chinese New Year

Then we headed to SHOP! I knew the SPECIAL BAG that I wanted to get for my 40th. I wanted something in a classic color, shape I would use a ton but still small enough to grab on the go. We stopped in Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch and a few others before I finally said ok I know the one I want… GUCCI!


After we did some walking, chatting, shopping and a little drinking we headed back to the hotel to get ready for that evening. Our plans were to have a drink at the Cosmopolitan Chandelier Club, grab a quick dinner then head to our Thunder From Down Under show.

Since it was fairly cold that night my friend Kelly let me borrow her amazing faux fur jacket to throw over my jumpsuit. This thing has browns, blacks, whites it seriously can go with any outfit but it’s nearly sold out so if you see your size snag it!


Jumpsuit (size down if in-between, M) | Faux Fur Coat | Similar Earrings | Glitter Heels (tts)

We ended up staying at the Chandelier Club for a while because the drinks were soo good! I got their namesake cosmopolitan although they have a ton of specialty drinks on the menu. Then we realized that we were starving and grabbed a quick bite from HOLSTEINS which to be honest wasn’t great. The hamburger was over done, but the fries were delicious!

Cosmopolitan at The Chandelier Club


Let’s just say I’ve been a Channing Tatum fan for as long as I can remember and so when I told my friends the one thing we had to do was see Magic Mike they were ON BOARD. Unfortunately that show was moving and not doing any performances so we grabbed tickets to Thunder From Down Under at the Excalibur.

If you think that this show was sexy um.. no, it was hilarious!! The slightly not in sync dancing, the girls brought on stage, seeing my friend Kim get attacked by a dancer because they thought she was the birthday girl just ALL OF IT was amazingly funny.

There are no pictures during most of the show so we grabbed a group shot before we went in. Then during one song they allow photos and Kim got a perfect one, gold bomber jacket, high top sneakers and all!

Our front row table at Thunder from Down Under


After waking up way too early (first at 5am then woke back up 8am) we all grabbed breakfast at Bouchon Bistro inside The Venetian since it was included in our room fees. The bistro has a full menu but the meals included are limited to about 4.

After that a few friends headed back to rest and some to gamble. I wanted to walk the strip! It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do in Vegas just walk and look around (well also I’m always on the hunt to find a Sex in the City machine to play). We ended up walking to Aria to see all the luxury stores and New Year decorations.

Denim Jacket (tts, M)| Stripe Tee (size up for looser feel, L) | White Jeans (sized up for petite length, 31) | Similar Wedge Sneakers (tts) | Gucci Disco Crossbody


My friend Kelly was so sweet to research and find an amazing makeup artist to come in and do our makeup for our big night out. This evening we planned to have a few cocktails at Vanderpump Cocktail Garden then eat at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill in the MGM Grand before ending our night (where it would turn my birthday) at the Hakkassan night club in the MGM Grand.

Leila from SinCity Makeup was incredible! She had the most amazing set up of brushes and makeup I’ve ever seen. She is funny, down to earth and an absolute pro. We loved getting ready with her and my makeup turned out incredible.

Some of products used: Laura Mercier Flawless Foundation, Stila Magnificent Metal Liquid Eyeshadow, MAC Whirl Lipliner, Jeffree Star Conspiracy Pallet

Makeup by SinCityMUA | GibsonXHiSugarplum Sequin Dress


We had taken a look at this BEAUTIFUL bar on our first day of exploring and knew that we had to come back when we were all dressed up. For a Saturday night we did wait in line for a bit but it went pretty quickly. We were sat almost at the entrance with a great view of the front. Then there was a lot of staff all around us and I look up to see the sweetest fluffy dog getting carried in and right behind him the LISA VANDERPUMP!!!

Her table was directly across from me all night and I desperately wanted a picture but the staff had said that she was not doing pictures that night. I totally wanted to respect her privacy since we were in her restaurant after all. After we had the most delicious boards (we got the Heirloom Crudités & Hummus Board and the Garden Charcuterie Board) she called out and wished me Happy Birthday! Since I couldn’t hear her very well I headed over to her table and mentioned that we were just a bunch of moms out to celebrate getting older! She was very sweet and said that she would be willing to take a picture on the way out.

My outfit details: GibsonXHiSugarplum Sequin Dress (in a L but had straps altered to fit, could have sized down to M) | Glitter Heels (tts) | Kendra Scott Link Bracelet | Kendra Scott Fabia Earrings


So we waited and waited and finally I told my friends we don’t need to wait anymore lets just go I was excited that I just got a chance to talk with her. Until my friend Samantha (also from London) hopped up and said NO you are getting your picture! She walked over to Lisa’s table and proceeded to have a conversation where they realized they grew up 20 min away from one another in London, it really is a small world y’all. She told Samantha that they would be leaving in like 10 min and she would be happy to do a picture then. SCORE SAM!! So on her way out we grabbed this quick pic and it made my night.


If that wasn’t the highlight of the night we then headed over to a HUGE nightclub in MGM Grand to see one of my favorite EDM DJs, Steve Aoki. One of the problems though with this type of nightclub is it’s PACKED. Unless you have a table (very expensive) it’s hard to see the floor or the DJ. We all kind of got bumped around for a bit until we headed to the 3rd floor of the club. There we found the NICEST group who were in Vegas for a medical conference. They invited us into their table space and for the entire night I had one of the best views of the show. I never got anyone’s information from that night but if you were there THANK YOU again your generosity it was a night I’ll never forget!

As we walked out of the club I was sooo happy that I had brought with me these foldable flats that fit perfectly into my crossbody bag. They fold out and then the pouch turns into a bag to carry your heels in, GENIUS!

I don’t even remember what time we left but I know that after a cab ride to our hotel and a late night slice of pizza we headed to bed around 5:30am.

This will NEVER happen again friends, I’m still tired.

Tory Burch Crossbody (taupe)| Fold up Flats


After a SUPER late night all I wanted to do on my actual birthday was RELAX! Inside The Venetian they have one of the largest Day Spas in the nation called Canyon Ranch. I decided to have a facial since we had been in so many smoky places and felt like I needed a layer of grime taken off. This facial included paraffin hand and foot treatments so after a night in heels it was luxurious!

My friend had a massage booked for 2pm so we headed back then and I spent some time in their Aquavana® thermal cabins, whirlpools and experiential rains. I can’t begin to explain these magic rooms of relaxation but just know they are amazing. Since Canyon Ranch has a pretty strict no cell phone policy I was unable to take any pictures except for the CRAZY LONG hallway leading up to the spa so if you want more pics head to their website.

I did though want to show you my gorgeous swimsuit from Cabana Life that I brought so I snuck into the garden pool that is reserved for Suites to take a few pictures of this gorgeous area.

Black Metallic One Piece (tts, L)


Our final event was a fancy dinner at the popular Catch Las Vegas. Catch is an upscale asian seafood restaurant that also has locations in LA and New York City. The people watching at this place was AMAZING! The food was wonderful and my birthday dessert allowed me to hit a Klondike bar, does it get any better than that?

Similar Jacket | V-Neck Tank (tts, M) | Seamed Leggings (tts, L)| Pumps (tts)

After our wonderful dinner we were all exhausted! Kelly had to catch an early morning flight, our friend Kim had left on a plane EARLY Sunday morning and the rest of us headed out Monday afternoon.

Miraculously I was able to cram everything back into my carry-on bags and head home to my family. I did leave some money and my voice in Vegas but the incredible memories of one of the best birthdays will live on forever!!

Calpak Under the seat carry-on | Calpak 22″ Spinner

BYE VEGAS, until next time…



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