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I might have mentioned that I have gained some weight in the past few months. I am now at a number on the scale that I REALLY don’t love but I know the steps I need to take to get it back under control. The problem with fluctuating weight is it can be a TOTAL pain shopping online (which is pretty much all I do.) Today I wanted to share with you a few tricks of mine to find the best pair of jeans while shopping online.

My friends at Mott & Bow sent me these jeans to try out as well as introduced me to their GREAT “right size from the get go” program.

Mott & Bow Long Sleeve V-neck tee (XL) | Jane mid-rise skinny jean | Similar backpack | Loafers


If you are not all about having some random person up in your lady parts, the easiest is to go pull out a pair of jeans that you love and take a soft measuring tape and measure the inside seam.

Then start thinking about what shoes you will mostly wear with these jeans, will it be a higher bootie, flats, heels etc. These Mott & Bow jeans I wanted to have a dark wash skinny jeans that were longer to wear with loafers and flats so these I like just a bit below my ankle.

If I want a longer length I’m typically no longer than 28″ and for an ankle length around a 26″ inseam.


High rise, low rise, mid rise unfortunately not all these terms are equal across brands. For example the Mott & Bow high rise is 10″ but in other brands that is a “mid rise” and the mid rise is an 8.5″ which I’ve seen labeled as “low rise”. Knowing how your body handles each of these rises can help you in making the best fit.

My ideal jean has a 9.5″ rise since that comes right at my bellybutton and gives me the slimming in my mama pooch area but not too high where I’m getting random under the boob roll when I sit down.

Here I am in the mid-rise Jane skinny faded medium/ dark blue in 28″ inseam. I thought that I would be ok with a little bit lower rise but after wearing them for a bit I realized nope I need higher.


This is where it gets a little tricky! There is FOR SURE a magic blend of stretch –> it stretches but not too stretchy, prevents saggy butt, lets me wear my jeans several times before washing and most importantly allows me to sit down without unbuttoning my pants (socially awkward).

This magic blend comes from the percentages of cotton and “stretchy” fabric. Although each brand of jeans uses their own types of stretch but you will mostly see:

  • TENCEL™ lyocell (or just TENCEL)
  • Elastane
  • Polyester
  • Modal
  • Rayon

This percentage along with cotton will determine that “stretch” factor. My favorite jeans have about a 44% Cotton and 46% of TENCEL, Elastane and Polyester. I have other jeans that have less stretch but are still comfortable and they have 92% cotton but have more of that “traditional” jean feel.


Right now there are so many styles of jeans; mom jeans, curvy jeans, boy jeans, flare jeans, wide leg… ok ok my head is already spinning. Here are my thoughts, buy the style that fits your body best. Forget all the “trends” because you don’t want to look back at pictures in 10 years and think WHAT WAS I WEARING?! Splurge on the classics, get great fitting jeans that make you feel like a million bucks.

Then if you are really feeling like trying out a trend try those jeans in an affordable (under $50) brand. That way if they are “out of style” in a season you don’t feel bad about adding them to the donation pile.


So even with all that the BIGGEST discrepancy with jean brands are the waist sizes. Unfortunately there is no standard 30″ waistband so even from brand to brand it will change. That is why Mott & Bow got smart and started their “Right size from the get go” program. This allows you to purchase a pair of jeans and then (when available) you can get a 2nd pair sent in a waist size up or down to try on both pairs at home.

After I realized that the mid-rise was going to be too low of a jean for me I went back and tried the Jane High-Rise Skinny in 28″ inseam. I was sent both the 31″ & 32″ waistbands to try out. Mott & Bow recommends keeping the pair that fit but are a little snug and they have been AMAZING! Perfect amount of stretch, no sagging bum and hitting right above my belly button to pull in that mama pooch!

Hopefully this can now help you find your “perfect” jeans without having to spend the day in the dressing room under SUPER bad lighting.

Professional Photography by Audrie Dollins of Dallas, TX

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