My Hair & the Dyson Airwrap

I think at this point one of my most requested blog posts has been about my hair. I have done Facebook live videos and IG stories but never finally written out how I do my hair so today I’m doing it!

First let me tell you a little about my hair. I have long, thick hair that has some natural wave (aka if I let it air dry it will be wavy around my face and fairly straight in the back) and I have a lot of it. I started going GREY in college so I’ve been battling what color is the most time and cost effective and will color my ever growing grey hair.

I have my hair cut and colored at Toni & Guy in Southlake, TX so I tend to use their products since that is what I am most familiar with. Although I have tried MANY other brands along the way (including MLM brands so just FYI been there done that). Currently I am using the TIGI Bed Head Moisture Maniac Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner.

**updated July 2020 I’ve been using the Ouai Thick Hair Shampoo & Conditioner and I love it!

Ouai Thick Hair Shampoo and Conditioner are some of my favorite for my thick long hair

For color my base is neutral 6, I asked my hair stylist so I can do root touch ups at home in-between my professional color and I get balayage highlights about every 4-6 months.

Now on to the curling and styling!!

Click the above photo to see the full IG TV video


I dry my hair as much as I can with a microfiber hair turban, these are great for me and my daughter with longer hair.

Then I prep my hair for heat with the TIGI S Factor Shine Spray, this gives some shine, reduces frizz and protects from heat. Use this sparingly if you have thinner hair. **Updated July 2020 I ran out of the TIGI Shine Spray and started using again the Kenra Blow Dry Spray and I forgot how much I love the scent and it really helps with shine and cutting down on drying time.

Dyson Airwrap and blow dry spray from Kenra


Grab my LOVED Dyson Airwrap! In the video you will see that I primarily use the dryer, round brush and larger curling barrel attachments. I decided though still to go with the full set when purchasing because at this time you can’t buy the brushes separately so I figured let me get them all.

I start with pre-drying my hair with the blow dryer attachment. I tell people if you are even considering buying the Dyson hairdryer REALLY consider bumping up to the airwrap because you get a dryer and SO MUCH MORE. The pre-dry I do until my hair is starting to get dry on the ends and would be about 70% dry.


Since I can get curls and frizz around my face I will use the round brush attachment to smooth out those areas and at the crown of my head.

Then I section my hair (it will be curled in 3 sections since I have a lot of hair!) These Drybar clips are the BEST I have found to keep my hair in place and are worth every penny.

Dry Bar Clips


Using the larger of the curling barrels I bring the ends of my hair to the barrel getting each of the ends to attach and start to pull around with the air. I have found then curling it up keeps my hair on better but Dyson’s videos show just then moving the wand towards your head. Try both and see what works for you. If the ends don’t grab your hair is not dry enough and pre-dry more.

After each set of curls I spray with Bed Head Shine Hairspray.


After all my hair has been curled if I have a few roots showing I will do a quick spray of Drybar Brunette Dry Shampoo that just covers those last pesky silvers. This is only if I have some roots showing.

If I am about to do pictures or have a busy day I will then add in some Drybar sparkling soda (just calms down any extra frizz and gives some definition to each curl) and curl a few top pieces with my GHD curling iron.

Days I don’t wash my hair

On the days I don’t wash my hair I will spray dry shampoo at the roots and then dry the roots with my round brush attachment on the Dyson airwrap.

Then I will section my hair again into 3 sections and use my GHD curling iron to add back curls. I have noticed that since I started using the Dyson airwrap I don’t even need curls added back in every day, it’s typically every other day.

I wash my hair about every 4-5 days.


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  1. 10.23.19
    KTN said:

    What do you do with your hair at night? Do you put it up or leave it down?

    • 11.3.19
      Ryanne Janca said:

      I put it in a bun almost every night

  2. 11.3.19
    Sophie said:

    I have read many reviews on the dyson airwrap but this one has been the most convincing. Although it is really expensive, it seems as if it is worth the money. I really love your hair, my hair also has the same texture as yours, I feel that the dyson airwrap will be very beneficial for me.

    • 11.3.19
      Ryanne Janca said:

      Thank you! I really try and be honest with my reviews and I have had the Airwrap for little under a YEAR now so I thought I could really give it an accurate review!

  3. 1.30.20
    Michelle said:

    When you wash your hair, how long does the whole drying, and curling take roughly? Just wondering how much time would the Air Wrap save. Thanks!