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I will be honest I have tried other wine delivery companies before because, well I like wine! The other companies I tried were either too expensive or it was bad quality wine that gave me a major headache. I’ve pretty much stuck to a wine club from a favorite winery in California but after about 10 years it’s pretty much the same bottles. When Winc reached out to me and offered for me to try their wine delivery program with 4 bottles of my choosing I was a little hesitant, but when they told be I would be able to share $22 off with code TRM for your first delivery and they had a variety of high quality wines with bottles starting at $13 I figured, let’s try it out!

With Winc you start with a palette quiz to determine what bottles might be a good fit for you. This was new to me because with past wine clubs I’ve always just received what was part of the box that month, whether I liked it or not (start your quiz here). After I was given the 4 bottles it recommended I was still able to change around the bottles based on my quiz and what I like to drink. The other great part of this wine club is you can order more than the 4 bottles and shipping is still free.

I love Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio but a Rosé was recommended for me and thought well that would be fun to try for the summer. I grabbed 2 Cabs (one that I choose and one the quiz recommended) a Pinot Grigio I chose and a Rosé the quiz recommended for my 4 bottles.

This dry rosé reflects the pale pink promise of the perfect warm-weather wine. It’s delightfully crisp, lighthearted, and destined for a good time. The grapes for this Central Coast Grenache and Syrah blend were picked early in the season to achieve a natural acidity that’s ideal for summer drinking.

I figured I would try the Rosé first just in case I hated it I would know what I was getting into. Here is the problem… I LOVED it! I tried Summer Water Rosé and it was not sweet but still had a light fruit taste. So after I had a few glasses relaxing by our blow up pool (see excited child in the background) I saved a bit to share with my friends to see what they thought. My friend Laura tried it and also thought it was delicious and refreshing. The website describes it as perfect for summer drinking sand I agree so I’ll be ordering more.

Chop Shop is a California Cabernet Sauvignon that’s ready to be enjoyed any night of the week. A blend of Lodi and Clarksburg AVAs, this crowd-pleasing style results from picking perfectly ripe grapes and aging them in French and American oak, 30% of which is new, lending structure to the final wine. This is a bold, juicy Cabernet Sauvignon, and what’s in the bottle is a friendly red with a fruit-forward personality that pairs well with your favorite comfort foods.

The next one I tried was the Chop Shop Cabernet Sauvignon because I decided to do an afternoon cheese board and try out a nice red. Unfortunately I didn’t love this one, it was weird too because I wasn’t exactly sure what it originally was about the wine that I didn’t love but Winc sends this cute brochure that gives you the A-Z of wine and I realized that I really like tannins in my red wine. I like that chalky cat tongue feeling yet this Cab does not have that taste.

So if you enjoy a more fruity, smooth Cab this is the one for you. I really enjoy that with Winc you take a pallet test and as you rate and reviews the wines you have received the recommendations adjust as your tastes change.

The highly drinkable Più Gioia translates to “more joy” in Italian – and that’s exactly what this crowd-pleasing Pinot Grigio delivers. This wine is no lightweight though. Fresh, bright and dry, it shows notes of white flowers and peach alongside more traditional citrus and minerality.

After my first two bottles I was about a 50/50 chance that I was going to like this Pinot Grigio because in my experience although I like most Pinot Grigio some can be heavy in fillers and give me a massive headache. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this is A DOC labeled wine from Italy.

This bottle was another winner! It was crisp and light yet tasty and very drinkable. I was blowing bubbles outside with the kids while making dinner on the grill and sipping this wine when I looked back and half the bottle was gone! (No it was not the kids)

If you are wondering what DOC means is stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata. The key word here is Controllata, meaning that a wine marked DOC is produced in a specific, well-defined region in Italy, according to defined wine making rules that are designed to preserve local traditions. This also means that you are not going to get the crazy additives you can find in some American less expensive bottles.

Diviner is a glimpse into the unique terroir of Santa Ynez Valley – a region that is diverse in terrain and microclimates and a producer of wines that stand up to the best of their kind. This single-varietal Cabernet Sauvignon is from Happy Canyon and was fermented in a closed stainless steel tank prior to 14 months aging in 35% new French oak. Pumpovers during fermentation aided tannin development without over extraction. Rich but not opulent, this red is generous and balanced.

The final wine I tried was the most expensive I received and it was recommended to drink it with a good meal. I was making some chicken with a cream roasted tomato sauce and thought well this would be a great time to try that Diviner Cab.

I enjoyed this much more than the Chop Shop but to be honest I still feel as though I prefer a more tannin rich wine. Although I enjoyed it, it would not be one that I reorder.

Now that I have tried all 4 of my bottles I can go back to my Winc profile and rate each wine. This way the system has a better idea of the wines I would like next time.

If you want to try out some of my favorites or even take a look at their Vegan wines, Cider wine or even a Rosé with a scratch and sniff label try out your first box with $22 off with code “TRM” or National Wine and Cheese Day is July 25th so get ordering now!

This post was sponsored by Winc a huge thanks to them for keeping this mama happy with yummy wine this summer. I only work with brands and share products that I love and that add value to my busy mom life. All opinions are my own.



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