Work Bags | Save or Splurge

Work Bags | Save or Splurge #workwear #affordableworkwear #worktote #calpak #amazon #nordstrom #pumps #womensworkwear

It’s been about 10 months since I started the #TRMWorkitWednesday FB posts and what I have realized during that time is that there are amazing work options at all price points. Each week I try to find items and outfits that fit your budget no matter if you want to save or splurge.

Today I’ve been working HARD on finding some great bags to go along with those outfits so let’s start with my splurge!!


Blazer | Blouse | Pants | Pumps | Bag | Earrings

Fit Tips: Blazer tts, L // Blouse size down if in-between, L // Pants tts 12P // Pumps tts

Calpak Haven Laptop Bag #workwear #affordableworkwear #worktote  #womensworkwear #calpak

I’ve had my eye on this Calpak bag for awhile because I felt like it was the ultimate work to life bag. It has a padded insert that easily fits a laptop, phone, iPad, files and more but it’s completely removable! This way if I’m not carrying all my work technology I can use this as a regular tote bag.

It has a thick crossbody strap and the back has a trolley sleeve perfect for travel. I absolutely love the color of this one not being too orange but a great neutral tan.

The Perfect Work Tote - Calpak Haven Laptop Bag #workwear #affordableworkwear #worktote  #womensworkwear #calpak
Calpak Haven Laptop Bag #workwear #affordableworkwear #worktote  #womensworkwear #calpak


Affordable Spring Workwear #workwear #affordableworkwear #worktote #womensworkwear #amazon

Blazer | Blouse | Skirt | Pumps | Bag

Fit Tips: Blazer tts, L // Blouse tts, L // Skirt tts, L

Amazon Work Tote #workwear #affordableworkwear #worktote #womensworkwear #amazon

While this tote may not have all the features of the Calpak bag it does have a good size laptop sleeve, interior pockets for phone, pens, files etc. Plus it comes with a small clutch great for makeup or emergency items.

The front has 2 tassels that are removable and can be switched around but I kinda love it with both! Now when I was grabbing this bag I thought let me go ahead and switch to a completely affordable outfit as well.

This blazer from Amazon is so good that I have it in 4 colors! It’s under $50 and still fully lined. Makes a great summer look in the white but comes in a TON of colors to choose from.

Spring Workwear & Work Bag from Amazon #workwear #affordableworkwear #worktote #womensworkwear #amazon #yellow #whiteblazer #workskirt

Since I wanted to give you as many options for bags (but I REALLY don’t need 10 work bags) here are some more save or splurge options, can you spot which is which?!

Save or Splurge Work Bags #workwear #affordableworkwear #worktote #womensworkwear #amazon #nordstrom #calpak #toryburch #tumi #polene

Calpak Bag | Saint Laurent Shopping Leather Tote | Tumi Nylon Business Tote 

Rothy’s Washable Bag | Polène Number One | Tory Burch Tote

ECOSUSI Laptop Tote Bag | Soft Faux Leather Tote | Rinvanic Laptop Bag


Work Bags | Save or Splurge #workwear #affordableworkwear #worktote #calpak #amazon #nordstrom #pumps #womensworkwear

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