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Welcome to our new home!! For those of you who missed it the story of how we ended up moving from Texas to Denver, CO is on this post along with all the details on our semi-custom home build. Now we are finally getting to the fun part, decorating and living!

Rug | Doormat | Faux Trees | Planter

While we were still living in our rental house I decided that I was going to enlist some help with unpacking and organizing. I interviewed a few companies but ended up loving the process and esthetic of The Neat Method.

Top (L) | Jeans (12)

They are a franchise based company that helped unpack our kitchen and pantry, categorize, highly encourage me to EDIT (aka get rid of stuff) then put it all back in it’s nice new places. For our size kitchen and pantry it took about 2.5 days with 2-3 women working about a 7-hour day. The entire team was not only so knowledgeable but they were fun and kind! We joked about how many water bottles I had, (WAYY too many) and I introduced them to Souper Cubes.

Pantry Before & After

One of the biggest reasons that I also chose The Neat Method is I loved their product. The esthetic of their grid bins, Acadia wood and labels I immediately loved. Although they also used items that I already had and made it look cohesive with updated matching labels. I’ve shared a few of these and have been asked about the specific labels, like the one they made for my aprons and Cider’s area. They brought a specific label maker that prints with their proprietary font.

Acadia Bin | Amazon Glass Jars | OXO Pop Containers | Apron Hook | Clear Stacking Containers

Similar Amazon Spice Jars | Labels | Acadia Turntable | Wood Riser

They also thought logically about how items would be grouped together as I use them like kids lunch stations, baking, entertaining, etc. Also it really made me think “ok do I use this?” “Do I have something similar that I use more?” The entire process was amazing and within a few days we had an organized and functioning kitchen!

Top | Jeans | Bin | Magnetic Label | Pantry Label Set


While the team got working on the next spaces in the house I was working to get our living room and main level box free and ready to LIVE in again! The first space I tackled was our entryway. Just getting this area decorated made me feel more settled and by the end of our first week I had all boxes out of this floor of the house.

Vase | Olive Branches | Console Table | Similar Art Print | Light | Baskets

For the past 4 months it’s been this sectional I’ve missed the most about being home. We updated our living room about 2 years ago and I was going back and forth between this couch and a similar (more expensive) Pottery Barn couch. I’m so happy we landed on this one and the corner is my favorite place to be, but really the whole thing is comfy and we all love to hang out here.

Couch | Coffee Table | Wood Bowl | Faux Tulips | Tall Basket

Sweatshirt (L) | Leggings (L)

Coffee Table | Candlesticks | Faux Candles | Faux Tulips | Knot | The Home Edit Book

Vase | Faux Cherry Blossoms | Wood Circles | Stacking Boxes | Baskets | Console Table

Vase | Faux Cherry Blossoms

Now you might be thinking, where is your dining table?! Well we gave ours away in Texas and I ordered this one from West Elm. I was getting annoyed of how long it was taking so I saw that the darker color would ship faster and is in stock. It arrived last week and honestly I HATE the color!!

While I can see how it plays off the leather color of our chairs I just don’t like it, so I’m trying now to see if I can still get the lighter wood color and return this one. Either way it’s the one epic fail in this area.

Table | Target Chairs | Basket | Hydrangea Blooms | Chandelier


Even with a few setbacks I honestly feel like I can finally BREATHE and live again. It’s been a long road to get here and there is still plenty to do in our new home but I’m excited to share with you as we go along!

Professional Images by Lilo Photography

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  1. 4.20.23
    Dao said:

    Love your beautiful home! It is very welcoming! So well organized & designed! What paint color are your kitchen walls? Love how your cabinets pop out.

    • 4.22.23
      Ryanne Janca said:

      they are city loft

  2. 4.20.23
    Kimberly said:

    I’m sooo happy to see you getting settled here In Denver!! I just moved from Denver up to Windsor, CO about the same time as you!!! Your house looks amazingly put together!!! I’m still unpacking boxes!!! Thanks for all the home tips!!! LOVE them!!! Looking for some laundry room tips to spruce it up…..mine is sooo boring amd i hate showing all the laudry detergent!!! Just a thought!!! Thanks. Kimberly Campbell

  3. 7.29.23
    Colleen said:

    Everything looks beautiful. What is the name of your kitchen counter? Are your sofa covers washable?
    Thank you,

    • 8.1.23
      Ryanne Janca said:

      they are not washable but clean easily, the counters are listed under the previous post