Summer Backyard Fun: Red, White & Blue style

Today we pick up my daughter’s 2nd grade items and wave farewell to the school year so in my books that means it’s SUMMER! The kick off to summer has always been Memorial Day Weekend. Typically we spend it with a family reunion but this year is obviously going to look a little different.

Even though we will not be having 30 people over to our house for a weekend long event I still wanted to kick the summer off with some new outdoor dinnerware to get us all in the summer mood.

Right now Pottery Barn is having a big Memorial Day weekend sale with up to 50% off outdoor items and free shipping with code SUNSHINE.

Amazon Essentials Stripe Jersey Dress | Americana Bowl | Fallyn Cuff 20% off | Addie Gold Drop Earrings 20% off| Tomon Gold Bracelets set of 3 20% off

Fit tips: Dress size up if in-between, L

Now probably like most families we LOVE watermelon, swimming and just being outside as much as we can through summer. We had discussed putting in a pool this year but ended up waiting so when we got stay at home orders the FIRST thing I did was order an above ground pool that we could put on our patio.

That did mean that we had to move some things around and push our Teak dining table to the side but I can now sit under the shade at the table and watch my kids splash and play all day. It’s PERFECT!

Since the kids end up being wet half the day we eat lunch and dinner out here a lot. With a 5 year old boy that tends to be a little clumsy I wanted to get some dinnerware and drink ware that would be safe with the kids and fun for the season.

Amazon Essentials Girls Red Stripe Dress | PB Acrylic Pitcher | PB Acrylic Cocktail Glasses

Pottery Barn Americana Salad Plates | Americana Napkins |Galvanized Metal Charger| PB Acrylic Pitcher | PB Acrylic Cocktail Glasses | Teak 9 piece Dining Table

The Americana series from Pottery Barn an ultradurable enameled steel so I don’t have to worry about broken plates! Although these are hand wash they are easy to care for so it’s worth it.

I also loved layering them with the Galvanized Metal Chargers because sometimes we just use those as our serving trays making outdoor dining fun and easy.

Amazon Essentials Stripe Jersey Dress | Americana Bowl | Fallyn Cuff 20% off | Tomon Gold Bracelets set of 3 20% off

PB Acrylic Pitcher | PB Acrylic Highball Glasses

Now another thing that makes it feel like summer and always reminds me of our amazing family reunions is family game time! We love playing games and as the kids have gotten older we have found some fun ones. Here are some of our current favorites:

Mastermind for Kids: Great for siblings because it has 3 levels of game play. You pick the “code” with colored animals and then the opponent has to guess the code through placing colored animals in the guessing area. My 5 year old picked this up pretty quickly and my 8 year old LOVES it

Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese Pizza Card game: This sat in my top 5 most purchased items for 2 months because everyone that played it RAVED how much fun it is and they are RIGHT! You need to have players that can read and react quickly because you say the series of words as you flip the cards. When your word and the card match up you have to SLAP it as fast as possible.

Sushi Go: This card game was recommended if you liked Taco, Cat… and it honestly is best played in a larger group. You pass your cards around the table hoping to make the best sushi plate. There is a “party” version with more cards and a board version (we have not played).

Uno Flip: If you love regular Uno you will love this light/ dark side game. The “flip” takes you to the dark side where the cards have BIGGER consequences and can really mess with someone’s hand.

Mexican Train (not pictured): This is a classic in our family and I don’t think there has been a gathering where we don’t play this domino game at least once.

Girls Amazon Essentials Tankini Set | Stars & Stripes Welcome Outdoor Accent Pillow 20% off one item with code SHOP20

Fit Tips: girls swimsuit runs tts, a bit big on my 8 year old in a M

Once we put the pool outside I had to get some additional items for holding towels and sunscreen. I love the Pottery Barn towels because they are THICK, plush and hold up well. We have PBK towels still in great condition from when the kids were infants so I’ve felt grabbing some on sale at the beginning of the summer is such a great investment.

These plush towels are currently on sale and you can pick from 3 different sizes for everyone in the family.

Reversible Awning Stripe Organic Pool Towels 30% off | Extra Large Round Wire Decorative Storage Bin

Since I’ve mentioned several times that we are out here A LOT that also means 2 kids, dog and a husband going in and out our kitchen door. Last year I found this genius magnetic screen that even our dog can open to go in and out. Keeps the bugs outside but allows me to be in the kitchen and still hear the kids outside.

Also I stock up this time of year on SUNSCREEN! They have no patience for a lotion so I’ve found some sprays and easy to apply face sunscreen to keep everyone protected. I keep it in a small wire basket right as they walk out to ensure that they see it and put it on!

We hope that your family is staying healthy, safe and hopefully getting to enjoy this new season. Happy Summer y’all!

Professional Photography by Audrie Dollins of Dallas, TX

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